Hannah the healthnut

Hannah the healthnut

I don''t lose

I did it. I finally bought a book. I have had my eyes on it for such a long time, but have never gotten to actually reading it. I tried getting it from the library, but it was out, plus had 3 holds. No thank you. I have no patience. It is something to work on.


Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD


So far, I love the book! I am only on chapter 3, so I have not read too much into it, but I know that so far the information in this book can benefit anyone who has dieted, hates dieting, fails at dieting, or cannot diet any longer. I am in love.

I have been “dieting” since 8th grade, when I noticed that a change needed to be made to my eating habits, and pounds needed to be lost. This eventually led to eating disorders and hypothalamic amenorrhea. Both of which have effected my life in extreme ways.

I have learned that I am a “Professional Dieter”, which means that I have tried everything out there to take those last pounds off. None of which have worked. I now know everything that there is to dieting, and what each and every diet involves. I know calories, carbs, proteins, and fats like the back of my hand. I still, to this day, keep mental note of how much (in calories) I have eaten in my head, so that I don’t overeat. Nice. I need to stop.

I have also skimmed over the principals of intuitive eating, in order to get ready for the meaty part of the book.

I am in love with this book and the factual information that it provides for the reader, a recovering dieter!

As I read further into the book, I will keep you updated on what I learn.

For now, though, I will tell you a bit about how recovery has been going for me.

I am up 9 pounds, to start off with. I think, though, that I will just stop weighing myself. I find that I am unhappier when I weigh in. It reminds me of how much it is going to suck when training recommences. I have a better body-image, and a higher level of self-love than I did when I first started recovery. YAY!

I have been seeing clearer skin, which means that my estrogen levels have increased! Here is an article on how to tell where your hormones are at by pimple location. Now I am waiting for the pimples to appear again, which means that I have either ovulated, or I already ovulated, and my period is on its way!

My mood has been increased, sevenfold. No more odd mood swings that come on the instant I am hunger. I honor my hunger as soon as it comes on. I am not a perfect intuitive eater, but I am getting better at it. Right now I am just trying to get enough food in my system for my body to understand that I am “safe” again. I have been stuffing myself with almond butter and quest bars. I have been trying to give my body what it craves when it craves it. Plus some for weight gain. . . :))

I don''t lose

I have also been trying to relax a lot. I gave been lifting weights on a regular basis, but I have not been running. At all. Which sucks, because I have a 1.5 mile test run for the Marines on Wednesday. I want to go and run 6 miles, no problem, and come home and eat like no tomorrow, because it is NOURISHMENT for my body! I love being hungry everywhere! I love being hungry in my belly after a run. I love being hungry in my whole body, in my legs, in my arms, elbows, toes, knees. I love the feeling of giving my body what it NEEDS after an intense run with the Marines! I miss it. So much.

Now I do yoga. Light lifting workouts. A little bit of HIIT with my coworker. Not a lot.

working out
Lastly, but not leastly, I have been praying, and developing a deeper relationship with Jesus. Life is good.
like as a christian
You all have a wonderful day!
Strategy. Saving some for later. I have a smart one on my hands, no?
They call this a carb-crash, soon to be followed by her second wind.
They call this a carb-crash, soon to be followed by her second wind.
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