Muscle Science Staminade

Muscle Science Staminade

Muscle Science’s Staminade is a scientifically formulated blend of energising carbohydrates, minerals and electrolytes, which when used as directed can help prevent dehydration and extend endurance by promoting rapid fluid absorption and by providing energy to working muscles. The carbohydrates in Staminade are comprised of glucose polymers, glucose (dextrose) and small amounts of fructose, in a combination found to be best for rehydration and replenishment of both muscle and liver glycogen stores. Staminade contains no sucrose (table sugar), no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or flavours. In addition Staminade contains added Vitamin C (antioxidant), a scientific blend of electrolytes and minerals (potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride and phosphorus) and a poly-lactate & phosphate buffer system which may help to reduce acid build up in blood and muscle tissue thereby extending performance. Staminade is naturally flavoured with low sweetness and is lower in sodium and higher in potassium than traditional sports drinks. For best results one glass (± 250 ml) of reconstituted Staminade should be drunk before commencing exercise, thereafter Staminade should be drunk at a rate of ± 250 ml for every 15-20 minutes of exercise in order to maintain optimum energy and hydration levels.

Staminade is available in orange, wildberry & lemon and Lime flavours, in 500 g, 1 kg and 2,5 kg containers
Note - 1 kg of Staminade makes approximately 11 litres.Per 100 g powderPer 500 ml serving

Vitamin C

1 304 kJ
81,5 g
167 mg
222 mg
166 mg
56 mg
261 mg
118 mg
555 mg587 kJ
37 g
75 mg
100 mg
75 mg
25 mg
117 mg
53 mg
250 mg

Maltodextrin (glucose polymers), dextrose, pure crystalline fructose, citric acid, calcium lactate, potassium phosphate, natural flavours, magnesium lactate, sodium chloride, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), colour.

  • Scientifically balanced carbohydrate profile supplies short, medium and long-term energy.
  • Phosphate and poly-lactate buffers help to reduce lactic acid build up in muscle tissue thereby extending performance.
  • Isotonic solution prevents dehydration and extends endurance by promoting rapid fluid absorption.
  • Scientific blend of electrolytes and minerals replenishes those lost during exercise.
  • Enriched with vitamin C (antioxidant).
  • Preservative free.
  • Free from artificial flavours.
  • Sucrose free.